Landscaping Jobs Vancouver

Landscape Jobs Vancouver

Landscaping Job Positions

Hiring Landscape Workers

Skilled and Unskilled Landscape Postions

We are landscape contractors looking for great people to join our team.

We’re looking for people to work in both landscape maintenance and landscape construction. We’re looking for skilled gardeners and landscapers, as well as excavators and drivers. We’re also looking for unskilled landscape laborers right now.

Please continue reading to discover whether we are a good fit for each other.

Health Benefits

Pacific Blue Cross

A health care strategy is crucial. We collaborate with one of the largest providers who offers our employees an exceptional benefits package. When you join our team, you can rest assured that your medical and dental concerns, as well as those of your family, will be addressed as they arise.

Landscape Construction Jobs

Skilled Landscaping Jobs

Landscape Construction Salary

Landscape Construction jobs are for individuals who enjoy working outdoors, constructing things, and who are always up for a challenge. 

  When fully experienced, hourly wages can exceed $35. We will evaluate your skill level and pay you a minimum of $18 per hour if you have no experience to start.

Overtime Paid

We Pay Overtime

Many Landscape businesses do not pay overtime. It is illegal to withhold overtime pay. We pay overtime to all employees in accordance with local labor laws. Therefore, when you work for us, you will receive ALL the benefits of your labor.

Landscaping Job Description

Landscape Maintenance Job Description

When you join our landscape maintenance team, your responsibilities will vary based on our current landscaping contracts, your abilities, and your strongest performance areas.

Generally, you can anticipate mowing lawns, raking leaves, removing weeds, and performing other basic yard tasks. Planting flowers, applying fertilizer, and trimming hedges may be added to your responsibilities as a landscape maintenance employee.

Groundskeeper salary

Groundskeeper Maintenance Job Positions Salary

Landscape maintenance positions are ideal for individuals who enjoy physical activity, fresh air, and being on the move rather than sitting in the same office every day.

As a crew leader with great experience, you can earn over $32 per hour. We will evaluate your skills and pay you a minimum of $18 per hour if you have no experience. 

We are always seeking landscape maintenance professionals to join our tight and expanding team.

Landscape Labourer Jobs

Landscape Construction Job Postions

Anyone with a strong work ethic and a desire to do a good job will be trained. We are always looking for landscape construction employees of all levels, from crew leaders to teenagers seeking summer employment.

Flexible Time Off

Family Time Wins

We recognize that nothing is more important than vacation time with friends and family. We take great pride in being a family-focused organization. We gladly grant time off for family events, outings, and functions with advance notice.

Outdoor Jobs

Landscape Jobs

If you have no landscaping experience, you should apply for our unskilled positions. In addition to a minimum starting wage of  ATLEAST  $18 per hour, you will also receive health benefits. Unskilled positions begin with cleanup and assisting the skilled team; you will also operate small equipment such as walk-behind mowers and weed eaters.

Excavator Jobs

Excavator Operator Job Positions

The majority of individuals take pleasure in operating excavators and other machinery. There are openings for both experienced and inexperienced excavator operators, as well as those seeking training to operate heavy machinery. Your compensation is based on your level of experience. Landscape equipment positions pay between $18 and $35 per hour.

Year Round Employment

Full time Job Postions

Our jobs positions are full time so there is no need to worry about seasonal layoffs. We have been in business for 25+ years and know the anxiety it cause if you only have seasonal employment. 

Snow Removal Jobs

Full time Winter work

Guaranteed Hours

We live in a cool climate, so when the ground freezes and work slows down, we shift our focus to snow removal and ice management, which is a perfect fit. Due to the unpredictability of snowstorms, we guarantee a full-time wage so that our crews can remain employed and also earn a high winter wage. The majority of your time will be spent clearing snow from inside trucks and equipment from commercial properties. If snow removal isn’t your thing, that’s not a problem; we prefer to assign roles to our team members first, as you will frequently receive compensation without actually removing snow. Ask for further details

Truck Driver Job Positions

We essentially have trucks and are looking for drivers. A valid driver’s license is required to operate our trucks and equipment. We work all over the city, sometimes multiple jobs in one day in various cities, so relying on others is not an option. A valid driver’s license is required.
Our drivers operate 150, 350, and 450 ton trucks with trailers. If you only know how to drive a car, no problem; we will teach you how to drive a truck if you want to be a truck driver.